Danny Doolans Hospitality Award

🍀 Hold onto your pints, folks! 🍻 Danny Doolans has some cracking news! 🎉

We're gobsmacked to announce we've bagged a nomination for Best Late Night/Entertainment Venue at the 2023 Hospitality NZ Awards for Excellence.

From the heart of Auckland, we've been channelling our inner leprechaun to bring you a rollicking slice of the Emerald Isle. Full of cheeky banter, foot-stomping tunes, and the best darn pints this side of Dublin. 😎🎸🍺

Massive shout-out to our hardy crew - they're the real craic dealers in this joint! 💚

To our mad-for-it patrons, you're the bee's knees! Your tales, toasts, and roars of laughter are what keep the Doolans spirit alive and kicking. We're not just a pub, we're a family... a slightly rowdy, but loveable one at that! 😉🍀

Don't forget to vote for us in the People's Choice Awards before it's too late! Let's show 'em what Danny Doolans is made of! https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/7362640/2023-People-s-Choice-Award

Stay tuned for more mischief, mayhem, and magic from your favourite Irish hub in Auckland. We're just getting started! 💥

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