Our mission is to craft lasting and memorable experiences for our guests and customers.

Our story


At its core, hospitality is about creating a space where people feel at home.

Good food, a great environment and warm service tick the boxes, but beyond that, there has to be something that keeps people coming back; something that gives them a sense that this is a space where they belong.

That something is people.

We know it’s our people that make our venues different. It’s our people who turn guests into locals and crowds into communities.

Which is why we’ve built a team that understands hospitality from the inside out. As industry faithfuls, hospitality is where we found a sense of belonging, too. We each have our own experience, refined through our own stints of late nights, loud music and long shifts.

And because of that, we know exactly what it takes to craft and deliver truly memorable dining and entertainment experiences.

Good Spirits Hospitality New Zealand
The Cav Spirits
Geoff Tuttle was an Irish backpacker who went from bartending at iconic Auckland bar, Danny Doolan’s, to co-founding Good Spirits Hospitality.

Since then the Good Spirits Hospitality network has grown to nine establishments across two New Zealand cities. Sitting at the intersection of connection, community and culture, our focus is on creating warm and welcoming venues that cultivate a sense of inclusion and belonging – between our team, between friends, and between communities.

Whether we’re pulling pints or designing decor, every decision we make keeps the core ethos of hospitality in mind – to deliver a space where people feel at home.

What we value

Memorable Experiences

Every touchpoint is one to be remembered. We are intentional with everything we do, present in every engagement and genuine in every approach, ensuring every experience leaves an uplifting impression – whether it’s a conversation with a colleague, serving a meal or greeting a customer.

World-class Standards

Our difference is in the detail. We set new standards, lead with integrity and continually aspire to raise the bar for our brand, and our industry. In the moments when we miss the mark, we refer to our integrity and ‘Secret Sauce’ for guidance.


We prioritise genuine connection, with our customers and with each other, to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels at home. Our establishments are a place to connect, celebrate and unwind; a space to feel at ease, create memories and enjoy the company of a like-minded crowd.


With shared unity, purpose and respect, we take responsibility for how we show up – for our customers, for each other, and for ourselves. Even when things go wrong, there is an opportunity to not just make it right, but make it an experience that will be celebrated in time. Integrity, guided by our ‘Secret Sauce’, underpin our decisions and actions.


We are unapologetically bold and unwaveringly brave. We step away from convention, stay curious and challenge conservative thinking, always looking for new opportunities that can drive ourselves, and our brand forward. Through collaboration, we ensure we are on a continual path of progression and innovation.


We’re all in this together; we’ve got each other’s backs. We do what it takes to ensure everyone feels included, supported and appreciated, and we carry that close-knit culture through to the experience we offer our customers.

Our people

Geoff Tuttle

Chief Executive Officer

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A hospitality stalwart, Geoff’s groundfloor understanding of the industry and passion for creating positive experiences has shaped the Good Spirits ethos. Starting his hospitality career as a glassy in iconic Auckland bar, Danny Doolan’s, Geoff grew through management roles before becoming a shareholder in the business himself. Having since grown Good Spirits to 9 outlets, Geoff’s proven success in acquisitions and vision for crafting exceptional hospitality experiences has established Good Spirits as a leading hospitality group in New Zealand.

Anthony Laus

Chief Financial Officer

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Anthony is responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s financial strategy and operations, including accounting and financial reporting, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, treasury and capital planning and risk management. He also oversees the core digital technology function for the organisation. Prior to this role, Anthony has held CFO and senior finance positions in diverse multi-site national and international businesses across a range of industries, with turnovers of between $30 – $400M. He has a successful track record of strategic financial and business operation initiatives that deliver profitable business growth.

Natalie Ayson

Head of Brand, Communications & Innovation

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With 20 years industry experience working around the globe in the luxury hotel sector and event management, Natalie understands that brands are built through the details that matter most to customers. With her blend of creative thinking and operational understanding, she manages Good Spirit’s events, promotions and campaigns, ensuring that we create memorable hospitality experiences, while focusing on driving revenue and reaching core business goals. In leading innovation within Good Spirits, she continually seeks out opportunities for developing and refining the role that technology can have in improving experiences for both staff and customers.

Sarah Hallie

Head of People, Culture and Wellbeing

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Sarah drives our vision of providing an inclusive, fun and fair working environment where people feel valued, appreciated and supported. In supporting and educating our people, she helps provide the tools and opportunities they need to be successful, while contributing to a thriving industry overall. Sarah has 15 years experience working in People & Culture roles across a range of businesses and industries. Her passion for people and their development ensures our people are always front of mind in everything we do. 

Colin Maguire

Head of Front of House Operations
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Achieving world-class customer experience takes world-class leadership – and that’s what Colin delivers through mentorship and development of our front of house teams. He understands the importance of creating supportive work environments that nurture professional development, and is particularly passionate about creating opportunities for career progression within the industry. Having worked his own way through hospitality roles, he knows what it takes to deliver memorable experiences, and also what it takes to get the best out of the people who deliver them.

Hayden Smith

Head of Kitchen Operations

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Hayden oversees all aspects of kitchen operations and innovations, calling on an impressive experience gained working in kitchens around the globe, notably Marco Pierre White’s Quo Vadis in London, and more recently well-known Auckland restaurant, Euro. With his vision, he inspires an environment that encourages innovation in food alongside continual development of our kitchen teams. While Hayden has now hung up his professional apron, he is the driving force behind delivering exceptional and creative dining experiences across our outlets.