Good Spirits Hospitality and Botany Commons Finalist of New Zealand’s Hospitality Awards of Excellence

Jul 31, 2021

Every year, the Hospitality Awards for Excellence celebrates the success and achievements of the hospitality and accommodation sector, with a special mention to those this past year and their resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In partnership Lion, along with the support of industry partners, CEO Julie White says “the Awards for Excellence are a chance for Hospitality New Zealand to recognise and reward members who strove throughout the year to create the highest possible standards and experiences for both their guests and their team.”

This year, Good Spirits Hospitality and Botany Commons are ecstatic to have been selected as finalist for ‘Excellence in Training and Development’ and ‘Excellence in Gaming’ by New Zealand Hospitality Summit for 2021.

Botany Gaming Lounge

In mid-2019 The Gaming Lounge at Botany Common underwent a major redevelopment and was transformed into a permanently staffed gaming room with its own dedicated bar serving a comprehensive range of food & beverages.

The layout of the gaming machine area at Botany was carefully crafted to ensure maximum customer comfort and a great deal of thought was put into every aspect of this area including specially designed chairs, and the latest models of gaming machines that are regularly updated as new games become available.

A tasteful decor, lush carpet, memorabilia, plants and pictures complete the area to create the perfect ambiance. The Jackpot display screens are among the largest in the country with one running the entire length of the room.

Customer service is paramount at the Royal Gaming Lounge and, as such, they have a dedicated Gaming Attendant who is focused solely on the gaming machine area to ensure it is well maintained and that our clientele are welcomed upon entry, looked after during their stay and remain happy.

Orders for the restaurant can be placed at the gaming bar to allow customers to continue playing whilst waiting for their meals. Tea, coffee, and ice water are always available in the room and the lounge has a highly effective temperature control system to maintain a consistent atmosphere all year round.

Good Spirits Hospitality is proud to have our thorough efforts into creating an amazing gaming experience for our customers in the Southern regions of Auckland recognized, and considered for the NZ Hospitality Award for excellence in gaming.

Good Spirits Hospitality Finalist in Training and Development

As a recognised finalist in the category of excellence in training and development, Good Spirits Hospitality has invested heavily in both in-house and external training and development programs to improve the skill level, motivation and engagement of our employees. Good Spirits believes, and has found, that investing in our staff has a far-reaching return for our business, the personal development of our team members and ultimately, the best experience for our customers.

GSH are confident in the knowledge that our supportive team culture and the customer focused values we embody, and hold in such high regard, are what produce the friendly and outstanding staff that craft and deliver to our customer’s a memorable night out. All of our in-house training and development programs have been constructed by an Operations team who began their careers right where the trainees are now, giving them the advantage of instilling empathy and the transfer of knowledge from one ‘generation’ to the next.

Over the past 18-months, Good Spirits Hospitality has focused on its business development strategy on training and development solutions for its staff. From our newly branded Employee Welcome Pack/Handbook and Induction content, to the Good Spirits Hospitality Employee Intranet, right through to intensive external Leadership training for our Senior Managers. We have recognised the importance of continuous training needs for all aspects of the business and individual development goals.

Our in-house GSH Mentor Training Program (GSH MTP) is the primary management training tool used for succession and development of our staff. Advertised and recruited for internally, nominations from both managers and individuals are considered. Selected candidates are then interviewed by their Operations Manager and the Training & Development Coordinator. Those who are accepted begin their 12-week to 6-month journey on the 3-stage respective Mentor Program. We also provide a similar Head Chef mentor program for those who are looking to develop the necessary leadership, practical, financial and management skills in order to effectively lead a creative, healthy, cost effective and tight kitchen team.

Since 2019, GSH have also been privileged to work closely with the Restaurant Association and their dedicated HospoStart program, which aims to teach students the necessary skills needed to gain a job in the industry and, give them practical experience in our venues / real-world hospitality environments.

Good Spirits Hospitality is proud of how far our training systems have come and are always searching for new ways to innovate and make the delivery of training more exciting, personalised, and effective. We aim to always raise the bar higher and deliver the ultimate experience for both our staff and customers.