Pride Pledge

Jun 11, 2021

On May 25th 2021, the Good Spirits family gathered at Citizen Park to take the first steps on our new journey into gaining more understanding and compassion for the Rainbow Community by taking the Pride Pledge.

The Pride Pledge is an initiative which aims to raise visibility for safe spaces in our communities and focuses on raising awareness of the values of safety, inclusiveness, and health for all LGBTTQ+ (Rainbow) people.

Martin King, director of Pride Pledge, shared with the team stories of his own and of others on what it is like in the life of those who are a part of the Rainbow community and the everyday struggles that they face.

He further guided us through an educational portion on the difference between gender and sex along with providing more knowledge of what a tremendous difference these two things are to those who are Rainbow.

Martin then thoroughly explained each letter of the Rainbow alphabet by examining what each letter stands for and provided more insight and empathy to the team on what each of these individuals face on their journey to be their true selves.

It was a truly eye opening and informative day for the GSH family that has left us, as a team and company, feeling stronger and proud to say we can be a safe and inclusive space for those who identify as Rainbow.

We are delighted to support the Pride Pledge movement by displaying our certificate and Rainbow badge across all of our venues, website and social to show our encouragement and commitment to creating a safe space in the communities of our venues for all LGBTTQ+ people.